Monday, April 27, 2009

The Guilty Parties - You're Out of the Band [MU][RS]

You're Out of the Band is the first full-length album by ska punk band The Guilty Parties. It was released in the U.S. in late 1996 on Independently. The single "Internet Girl" received radio airplay on Local Inland Empire radio station X 103.9. The album has sold hundreds of copies and has been burned and distributed thousands of times.

  1. Jeff's Song
  2. My You've Changed
  3. Internet Girl
  4. Fight Dancer
  5. Room Service
  6. German Chocolate
  7. Sloot
  8. Darkest Thoughts
  9. The Finale (Featuring Andrea Ledesma)
  10. Another Case
  11. Justice
  12. Sin Stick
  13. Bad Day

The Guilty Parties
Released August 11, 2005
Genre: Third Wave Ska, Rock, ska punk

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Natalie Wouldn't - Nick the Beat

Natalie Wouldn't - Ska Soul Rock & Roll

O'Doyle Rules - No Place Else To Go

Monday, January 26, 2009

MC Lars - This Gigantic Robot Kills Review

Posting this here because I don't know if the website I wrote this for will post it. Call this review a conflict of interest? Maybe, but I liked it so here it is.

What’s a review of a nerdcore rapper doing on ******? Well, if you’ve listened to MC Lars’s previous release “The Gradute”, then you would know that “MC Lars is more punk than you.” More and more these days we see punk selling out, going commericial, and blending into mass consumer-culture. Contrasting this spirit is MC Lars (“DIY ‘til I die”), producing his own songs on his laptop and releasing his own records. If that’s not punk, then I don’t know what is. But now onto the review.

TGRK is easily MC Lars’s most solid album yet. If you need an intro to nerdcore but aren’t sure if it’s you’re style, then this is the album you need to listen to. It’s got the nerdcore spirit, but it rocks out too. It kicks off with “Where Ya Been Lars”, a quick tune to get you acquainted with the man who is MC Lars. And then it kicks into “True Player For Real” with the sickest accordion jam you’ve ever heard (by none other than the only Weird Al Yankovic).

This album’s got the big names too, song after song featuring names such as Weird Al Yankovic, Daniel Dart of Time Again, Donal Finn of Flash Bastard, Pierre Bouviere of Simple Plan, MC Bat Commander of The Aquabats, Suburban Legends, and nerdcore godfather MC Frontalot. But MC Lars owns the show in every song. His vocals blend and flow so well, and the big names are not a gimmick.

One of the top tracks on this album is the title track “This Gigantic Robot Kills”. Lars shows his flexibility as he launches into the first ever nerdcore ska song. With the MC Bat Commander of the Aquabats providing epic vocals on the chorus and Suburban Legends providing phat bumpin’ brass, you hear the story of Billy as he build a ska robot to chase away spoilt kids from shows like “Laguna Beach”. And who can’t love a concept like that?

For those who don’t know, Lars graduated from Stanford with an English studies major, so of course we get to hear of the strumpet from Shakespeare’s Hamlet in “Hey There Ophelia”. If you never read the play, here’s a pretty good review of the story set to some heavy riffs and a searing chorus. Gamers out there will appreciate “O.G. Original Gamer” and “Guitar Hero Hero (Beating Guitar Hero Does Not Make You Slash)”. There’s even a song for you metric fans out there, “(Lord It's Hard to Be Happy When You're Not Using) the Metric System”.

Seriously, every song on this album is amazing, with the exception of “Twenty Three”, which tells the tale of a friend of Lars’s that committed suicide. It’s a nice song with a sad story, but sticking it in the middle of an album that is nothing but fun seems kinda out of place. Otherwise, every song is just upbeat, fun, and bound to make you laugh.

If you’re not a nerdcore rap fan or not, you’ll still appreciate this album for what it is. With the spirit of a DIY punk band and some of the raddest rhymes you’ve heard, it’s such a good blend that will make you laugh and think at the same time. Don’t just blow it off because of what you think of the genre, this is one of the most solid releases of the year.


Thursday, December 04, 2008

MC Lars Website and More!

Wow, it's been a looooooooong time since I've updated this blog. But I've been busy. Most importantly, I've landed some work doing some website coding for a nerdcore rapper by the name of MC Lars. I've seen him live, and I love his music, and when I got the opportunity to help on his new website, I jumped at the chance. So Rich designed, I coded, and it's all running smooth and east. Click the banner below to check it out.

So this makes me feel like I need to work on maybe a proper portfolio website where I can post my past works and offer some contact details if people want to hire me for some freelance web-dev. But that's some work that won't be done for a looooooong time.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Google Chrome Impressions

Today we saw the launch of Google Chrome, Google's attempt to get into the browser competition. With IE in the lead, with Firefox gaining all the time, Google's got some work ahead of them. They really have to introduce something really new and unique if they want to get noticed. Do they do that? Well, I've tried it out and here's what I think.

First thing I liked was that it imported everything from Firefox. Bookmarks, passwords, even history was instantly available when I first launched the browser. The only thing that was noticeably missing were my extensions. My many beautiful extensions! Where was Greasemonkey? Where's AdBlock Plus? InFormEnter? All gone, and my browsing experience suffered for it.

Next, and this is getting nitpicky, but the scrolling was not smooth. In Firefox, scrolling down the page was smooth like butter. IE, however, not so much. And Chrome seems to be following IE's footsteps. Jerky scrolling, couldn't really read the text as the page went down, it really annoyed me. Also, the tabs at the top of the screen wasn't a favorite feature of mine, seeing it where it is in Firefox is what I'm used to. The File/Edit/Etc. bar goes on top.

The task manager is kinda cool, but all it really is is a glorified tab manager with a few extras thrown in. In the end, if a Java or Flash applet running in one of my tabs freezing my browser, I doubt it's possible for me to open up the task manager and close that process. Didn't get to try that though.

The one feature I liked, and wish Firefox would adopt was a mode called Incognito. Basically, it's a new window that saves nothing. No history, no cookies, no nothing. You could browse anything and leave no trace. Not that I need to hide anything... but I can see it being useful. So come on Mozilla, put this feature in the next FF update!

Anyways, basically I was not impressed with Google's Chrome, and I won't be switching anytime soon. There's probably some new features that I missed, but I'm not motivated enough to want to go back and check them out. A lack of new features really dissappoints, and Google's got some work to do if they want to catch up to the browser giants.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Still Not Dead

Ok, confession time. I've kinda gotten bored with this blog. I just can't find the motivation or the desire to post anything here. I don't get much readership, and the design is getting old. So, I'm going to be working on a revitalization!

That's right, instead of posting the boring stuff I do every day, I'm going to post more interesting stuff. Like game reviews, cool internet finds, or opinions and stuff. Might even try a redesign, but that won't be soon. Gonna basically try get stuff on Digg and try to get this blog up and running again.

So, starting next post, new style of posting and we'll see where this leads me. Too bad no one reads this now, but hopefully that changes soon.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Not Dead Yet

Wow, it's been a while. Thing's have happened.
  • California was awesome. USC seems like the college to go to.
  • Played some games, beat some games.
  • Read 1984. Interesting read.
  • Streetlight Manifesto's coming to town WOOWOO.
  • Other stuff that I forget.
School's starting soon. Flogging Molly show tonight. Will try to update this more. Peace.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Tomorrow morning I'll be leaving to Los Angeles for some vacation time and to look at some colleges. I'll be there until Tuesday. While I'm there, I'll also be attending Joystiq's E3 afterparty, so should be good times.

Also, apparently the Mighty Mighty Bosstones are doing a show there, might try to get my parents to take me to that. That would be so freaking awesome.

Anyways, tonight's Dropkick Murphy's. Hopefully I'm not too tired for the flight in the morning.

Monday, July 14, 2008

After the Microsoft E3 2008 Press Conference

So I watched a live stream of Microsoft's press conference today. Overall, I was disappointed because I didn't get to see anything new.

First off, I'm not too fond of the redesigned dashboard. I liked the old one; sure it could have used a bit of sprucing up, but this new one seems too simple. Too casual, if you know what I mean, like something the Wii would do. The Wii is my fun, casual console, the Xbox 360 is my hardcore console. Don't mix them. The avatars are basically a Mii ripoff, but I do like that they take it to a whole new level than Nintendo did. A lot of stuff that was revealed today shows that Microsoft is really trying to target a more casual market, like Nintendo. The Primetime thing doesn't really excite me too much, neither does the party system.

All the games that were announced were either sequels, or just rehashes of other games. Gears of War 2, another Final Fantasy, Fable 2, another Banjo-Kazooie, the list goes on. As far as rehashes, Lips is just Sony's Singstar, Scene-it is just Buzz for the PS2, and You're In The Movies is just the Eye-toy. The problem I'm having is that Microsoft isn't innovating, just rehashing. Come on, I want to see some new stuff.

Things that did excite me are the Portal sequel for the Xbox Live Marketplace and the DLC for GTAIV. Other than that, Microsoft's presentation was underwhelming. Tomorrow is Nintendo's conference, so I will definately be watching that. Hoping for some really cool news, like a new Animal Crossing or Zelda, and some other surprises.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Sorry it took so long, but here it is. Suburban Legends was pretty much how I expected them to be, not so great. Mostly because I didn't know any of their songs, except for the opener and closer. But those songs were awesome. At least there wasn't any Disney covers, but the dancing was.

Big D was amazing like I expected them to be. Set list was a bit too short for my liking though. And Goldfinger and Less Than Jake were both awesome too. Fantastic show. My hat even survived the night, including much skanking and 3 crowd surfs. I got major leg cramps though, especially when I crowd surfed during "Superman" (my favorite song by the way). Could barely walk, let alone skank.

Less Than Jake had a sign by their merch table saying "Meet LTJ at 7:55". So when the time came, I got up in line. Everyone wanted their stuff signed, but I just wanted to meet the band. So I went through and shook hands with everyone in the band. They didn't get it at first that I didn't want anything signed, in fact two guys didn't even notice me at first. But they like my hat, and I feel that I truly met Less Than Jake.

So that's all I can remember. Awesome show, too bad another like it will probably never come back through Omaha. Next week is a lot of stuff, including Dropkick Murphy's concert, a tirp to LA California, and Joystiq After Party in Santa Monica. Busy busy.

Friday, July 04, 2008


Tomorrow night will be one of the better shows of the year to grace Omaha. Goldfinger. Less Than Jake. Bid D and the Kids Table. Suburban Legends. A great ska lineup, believe me when I say that shows like this rarely come through the midwest. I've been excited for this for a long time. So here's what I expect of the show. And afterwards, I might write a bit on how it met my expectations.

First off, I'm not really expecting to enjoy Suburban Legends. They're extremely poppy, and even have syncronized dance moves. They do Disney covers. And their last album was bad. Rump Shaker was the only album that I like by them, and I don't expect them to do many of those songs live, so I will probably not enjoy the Suburban Legends part.

I'm super excited about Bid D. They are like legends in the ska universe. There is tons of songs by them that I love, and will be lucky to even hear half of them. Plenty of skanking expected, this will probably be a highlight.

Goldfinger will be good at some parts (mostly the ska parts), but the punk bits will probably be not so great. I love Superman, and other ska-ish songs, so it should be pretty good, who knows.

Less Than Jake will also be awesome. Last time I saw them, I was too tired to enjoy it. But this time I will be ready. I've been listening to all the songs on their set list, so this time I will be prepared. I won't sit this one out this time.

So there it is, me telling the future. Come back next time to see if I was right.