Monday, July 31, 2006

A Million Bells!!

On a podcast, these guys announced that this one dude was having a competition on Animal Crossing WW. He wanted people to make him a cool pattern, so I thought I could give him my Pirate Flag pattern. I ended up winning and I got 1 million bells and a gold rose! Lucky me! When I entered the dudes town, him and a friend surrounded me, dressed like Mario and Luigi. That kinda freaked me out, but it was funny. I'm really close to getting 2 stars on Metroid Hunters, so maybe I'll play that for a while...

The other day, while at Legend's, a local bar and grill, I saw Suzi and Skyler. I didn't really expect to see them there, but it was cool. They left 5 minutes later though. So I got one of those TV trivia things and played against the other 6 people who were playing. I got 4th place; not too bad. And the fries were good.

Yeah, another hot day of doing nothing...

Saturday, July 29, 2006

I Went Ice Skating, And Now My Leg Hurts

I went ice skating, and for some strange reason it was pretty empty (even though it was an extremely hot day). So I went and got owned by a little girl who could skate better than me. "Look at me! I can do twirls and flips and stuff!" Bah...

Then I went to Taco Bell. That stuff is so good. I will have to buy that company some day. Three tacos and a coke really hit the spot after falling on your ass all day.

Anyway, I signed onto AIM, and after a few minutes of no messages, I got a message from Brice saying -
"Have you heard Shatners cover of 'Common People'? It awsome wich is amasing because the last time he tried to make music he came off as an aragent ass."
That is one of the most random things I have ever gotten in an AIM message. Congrats...

Anyway, my latest "project" is pretty much done. I even have it on a host and everything. I even found a fairly decent email script too. It's all coming together. Also, I noticed my buddy Cameron got 2 postings on GoNintendo and got a bunch of diggs on a certain submittion of his. Whenever I submit something to Digg, I only get like 3 diggs. I'll put the links below -

Friday, July 28, 2006

Over The Hedge

Yeah, I saw Over the Hedge. So what? It actually wasn't too bad. I had nothing better to do on a hot Friday. I thought that the CGI graphics were some of the best I have ever seen, and I left very impressed. So go see it and give it a try. It's actually a decent movie.

I was pretty happy to see Jase get evicted last night on Big Brother All Stars. Now if only Will were next... Also, Janelle got HOH, so I'm happy to see the Season6 alliance is the most powerful alliance in the house.

Also, you may have noticed the Firefox Extensions post that I posted a few days ago. I also submitted the post to I posted this because I thought it would get me a ton of hits, and it did. A couple hundred people visited the site over these past couple of days, so that's pretty cool. Maybe I'll do it again...

Anyway, the latest "project" that I have been working on is going along so well. It's pretty near completion, and now all I really need is a good host (and maybe a better email form script). I'm also having some problems with a float script that is editting cookies in a way that I don't want it to. So I'll fix that sometime. Anyway, as you can probably tell, it's been a slow day...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My Favorite Firefox Extensions

I'm a huge Firefox fan, and I recommend it to anyone. It is the best web browser ever. Anyway, I have some extensions that I like to use and really help and enhance my browsing experience. So here are the ones that I currently use and would recommend you use it too. Now and then I may update it with new extensions.
  • GMail Manager - Manage GMail Accounts from your status bar.
  • Colorzilla - Creates an eyedropper that you can use to find out colors.
  • Image Zoom - Lets you zoom in or out an image on the page.
  • Video Downloader - Creates a link to download a Youtube, Google Video, etc video.
  • Google Notebook - Lets you manage your Google Notebook from your status bar.
  • Del.Icio.Us Toolbar - Lets you tag pages for
  • StumbleUpon Toolbar - Stumble Upon popular webpages.
  • Mouse Guestures - Use your mouse's guestures to refresh, go back, close tab, etc.
  • Viamatic foXpose - Lets you see a thumbnail of every open tab.
  • TabX - Puts the close button on each tab.
  • Menu Editor - Lets you edit the right-click menu.
  • Customize Google - Lets you customize Google search results.
  • Undo Close Tab - Accidently close a tab? Use this to reopen it.
  • Inform Enter - Use this to quickly fill in forms.
  • Organize Status Bar - Use this to organize the status bar.
  • BugMeNot - Use this to log into any site without registering.
  • Launchy - Gives you a choice to view the page in different programs (including IE).
  • Tab Preview - A really useful tool that gives you a preview thumbnail of a tab when you hover over it.
  • Adblock Plus - Helps you block any ads or unwanted images on a page.
  • Update Notifier - Tells you when a theme or extension has a new updated version.
  • Digg This - With the Digg This toolbar buttons you can quickly Digg the page you are viewing.
  • Webmail Compose - Make mailto: links go to selected email service.
  • Foxmarks - Syncronize bookmarks with any Firefox browser.
  • Truth - The slickest theme for Firefox ever.

Damn All Trace Users

I've been playing a lot of Metroid Hunters lately. Mainly because Cameron just got the game and I gotta keep my ranking high. I played against him a couple of times, but smoked him each time. Anyway, you can see my ranking and other info on the newly installed Metroid Hunters License displayed in the right column of this page. I mostly use Sylux, because of his Alt form and the shockcoil. I'm starting to hate Trace because of his sniper gun and all the headshots he gets...

Every time I look at the DSLite, I want to have it. Right now I have the phat DS, the first version of it. While it's ok, the screen is pretty scratched up and is really uncomfortable to hold (especially when playing Metroid online). While I really want to get the DSLite, I want to wait for it to come out in black, because that looks so slick. Maybe it won't even come out in America, but I hope it does.

Anyway, as I was watching Rockstar Supernova last night, the last performance of the night was given to Storm. Now usually I wouldn't have cared about her, but I recognized the beginning of the song she was doing to be "Anything" by Lucky Boys Confusion. Of course, her version of the song wasn't as good as the original, but it was cool to hear a less-known song amidst songs by huge bands like Rolling Stones or REM. (I just found out that the song was originally done by Dramarama.)

Also, I was happy that George got the Veto last night on Big Brother, but I think that it won't help him. He'll get kicked out in the next round probably. I want Will to get kicked off, but Jase will probably be the one evicted.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Catholic high school sues over Wikipedia posting

I was flipping through and came across this link. I clicked on it and to my surprise, the school was Skutt High, which is in the same town that I am in. Anyway, I don't want to tell you the whole story, but you should read it; it's good for a laugh. Here's an exerpt of what the person posted on Wikipedia -

"It's (sic) tuition is ridiculously high, too. Not to mention you get an awful education there. They put more emphasis on sports than they do education. No wonder almost all kids there are complete idiots."

I would have to agree with some of these points, especially the sports part. I thought it would be interesting to someone.

read more | digg story

Friday, July 21, 2006

Some Relief

WTF? I woke up this morning and it wasn't 100 degrees outside like usual. It is actually pretty chilly. It probably won't last very long, but it's a nice change from the heat.

I've been doing some MySpace profile updates because the old look was boring and messy. So I made a few more images and changed the look around a bit. I like the way the contact box turned out. I also completely changed Aukwurd Silence's profile because their's just wasn't looking good period.

I've started work on a new web project that will be really useful during school time. I'm kinda hushhush on it right now, but I think it'll be cool. Maybe I'll get Cameron to give me a hand with this one...

DAMMIT!! Nikomis got voted out of Big Brother last night. I really didn't care if either her or Diane got kicked out, because Kaysar made a big mistake not putting ChillTown up for eviction. At least James is now HOH, and he will make a good decision. Also, I watched the new Dudeson's episode, and it was OK (I liked the summer job part). Also, while flipping through channels, I came across a local access channel. I watched it for a while because they showed a Lucky Boys Confusion concert, plus some other Omaha concerts. Then they played some ska and punk videos, like Goldfinger too. A local access channel does what MTV never could. Pretty cool.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

GoNintendo Post

I got a spam email in my inbox concerning the Wii's release date, so I sent it to a Nintendo news site, GoNintendo. They thought that it was so interesting that they actually posted it on their front page! AWESOME!!! Here is a link to the post -

Anyway, today has been another slow boring day. Still so hot outside. My dad let me drive all the way to church, which is the furthest I've ever driven on main roads. Also, at the mall, I tried one of those Burger King Quad Stackers (the burger with 4 patties). Man, that thing is huge! Now I've gotta go watch Big Brother...

Saturday, July 15, 2006

What A Feeling! (I Am Music Now)

Holy cow, is it hot outside or what?!? I tried to stay inside, but it was pretty hot inside too, so I was feeling pretty bad all day. I could use a couple of hours of sleep.

Yesterday, while I was downstairs, I looked through my dad's collection of old records. Some of the highlights include - The Police, REO Speedwagon, Deep Purple, and Flashdance(?). Why my dad had the Flashdance record, I don't know.

I bought a massage chair and a county guitar in Animal Crossing WW from some chick in Australia. For once, I got into her town without any wifi problems! I'm gonna give the guitar to KK tonight and get that KK pic (finally).

Nothing on TV tonight. Luckily Big Brother's on tomorrow night. Hoorah...

Friday, July 14, 2006

It's Over ... For Now

Well, I finally did it. I beat Zelda - Windwaker for the second time today. I love the way the final boss battle against Ganon plays out. If the next Zelda is half as good as Windwaker is, then it is sure to be a kickass game. Many people complained about the cartoony look of Windwaker, but I thought it made the game much more enjoyable and it looked good anyway. If you haven't given it a try yet, go out and get it. It's a great game.

Yesterday, we went to the Humane Society to check up on that cat. We had to drag my dad there; he really does not want a cat in the house. We went into a room to play with the cat, but it was so freaked out that it sat in the corner and shivered while we stroked it. The lady said it was having some breathing problems and was dehidrated. Hopefully it gets better soon. It's as cute as a button!

Watching Big Brother last night, I'm glad to see Allyson go. She thought that she was smart, but she's not. Next to go should be Daneille. As long as the target is not on Kasar, I'm happy!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Uninstalling Firefox 2

As you may know, Mozilla released a new beta version of Firefox (the best web browser ever). It's called Firefox 2.0. Anyway, I downloaded it and installed it and found out that most of my extensions weren't compatible with it. So I thought, "What's the point of having 2.0 if I don't have my extensions?" So I uninstalled it. Big mistake. Once I had only 1.5 on my computer, the 2.0 version disabled all my extensions and themes. So I spent a good hour reinstalling all my extensions. But now it's back to normal!

I finally finished the Wind Temple in Zelda - Windwaker. DAMN I HATE THAT DUNGEON! It really got on my nerves and I'm glad that it's done. Now I have to find the 8 triforce pieces...
I also have been playing more Metriod Hunters online. I love you, Stylux and your shockcoil! Best weapon ever. I've also been playing the Sims 2 a lot and downloading extra content off the internet. Some people make some awesome meshes.

Also, when looking at the stats for people who view this page, I found out that some guys in Finland came across because I mentioned the Dudesons in a previous entry (the Dudesons are from Finland). So welcome any foreign visitors!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Where's the Rum?

I saw Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest yesterday. Now that is a good pirate movie. I'm going to see if my "connections" in South Africa can get me a pirated version of the movie (I already have the pirated version of the first one). It's a great movie, so go see it.

I was playing Metroid Hunters on Wifi, because I haven't played it for a while. My ranking is very low; I only have one star. So I put my filter on "Match My Rank". That is a lie. I got put up against some 4 star players. I lost most of those rounds which didn't help my ranking. Luckily, I found some games with newer-not-so-good players and got my score up! If anyone reading this also plays DS Wifi, drop a friend code and we can play or something.

Well, it's kinda a boring day today. Maybe I'll play more Metroid. Or finish up Zelda...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Bought a Domain Name

Yes, it official. I am now the owner of At first I thought I would use to buy it, but it had a bunch of extra hidden prices. So I used instead. Only $5.99, real cheap. Now I just have to wait a while for it to be confirmed, but it'll be working soon!

In other news, I haven't gotten around to playing any Zelda, because my dad is fixing the basement and that's where I keep my Gamecube. Hopefully he finishes soon.

Also, today is the last day of the World Cup. I said it once and I'll say it again; the Czec Republic got robbed. They should have won. England and Brazil should have been up there too. But they were all eliminated. So now, I'm kinda rooting for France (because my brother wants Italy to win). Then in 4 years, when the next World Cup is in South Africa, I'll have to take a trip back home and see the World Cup!

Edit -
The domain name now works! Tell your friends to go to!
And Italy won in a penalty shootout.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Allergies Are Killing Me

Well, TV last night was interesting. First I saw the new Big Brother. I was pretty stoked to see Kasar got in (and Chicken George). Maybe he'll win this time... Then I saw Rock Star Supernova. I think that Lucas will take it this year. The South African chick totally murdered Nirvana's "Lithium". But other than that, it's all good.

Then I switched to SpikeTV and saw the new episode of the Dudesons. Though I thought it was kinda funny, I still think those guys are trying to hard to be like Jackass (even though they started before Jackass). I think Spike is trying to seem cooler. It's not quite Viva La Bam, and it'll never be as good as Jackass. Jackass was just some guys with a camera doing stupid stuff. The Dudesons is just too well made (like professionally made). If you don't get what I mean, well, too bad.

Later today I gots ta go to the dentist. Then I may go see Pirates Of the Carribean 2. And then some driving practice...?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

It's Hot Outside...

I went to Baker's with my mom to get some stuff. On the way there, we stopped at the Humane Society to check up on the cat that my mom found in a car. If it passes some tests, we may adopt it. We didn't get to see it; it still had to be checked out somemore (for diseases and behavior problems and stuff).

Then we went to Bakers. I put some coins I had with me into the Coinstar machine they had there and got $5 out of it. Then, on the way home, my mom let me practice driving around a Gordman's parking lot (even though I didn't have my permit on me). I like driving vans more, so much easier.

Anyway, I was playing some Zelda - Windwaker (my 2nd time playing through it). I finished the Earth Temple, and have to do the Wind Temple next :-(. Suddenly, halfway through the dungeon, my Wavebird stopped working! I think the batteries were dead, so I just switched it out with a normal controller. Now I have to wait for the batteries to recharge...