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Allergies Are Killing Me

Well, TV last night was interesting. First I saw the new Big Brother. I was pretty stoked to see Kasar got in (and Chicken George). Maybe he'll win this time... Then I saw Rock Star Supernova. I think that Lucas will take it this year. The South African chick totally murdered Nirvana's "Lithium". But other than that, it's all good.

Then I switched to SpikeTV and saw the new episode of the Dudesons. Though I thought it was kinda funny, I still think those guys are trying to hard to be like Jackass (even though they started before Jackass). I think Spike is trying to seem cooler. It's not quite Viva La Bam, and it'll never be as good as Jackass. Jackass was just some guys with a camera doing stupid stuff. The Dudesons is just too well made (like professionally made). If you don't get what I mean, well, too bad.

Later today I gots ta go to the dentist. Then I may go see Pirates Of the Carribean 2. And then some driving practice...?

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