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Bought a Domain Name

Yes, it official. I am now the owner of www.africansk8er.com. At first I thought I would use GoDaddy.com to buy it, but it had a bunch of extra hidden prices. So I used 1and1.com instead. Only $5.99, real cheap. Now I just have to wait a while for it to be confirmed, but it'll be working soon!

In other news, I haven't gotten around to playing any Zelda, because my dad is fixing the basement and that's where I keep my Gamecube. Hopefully he finishes soon.

Also, today is the last day of the World Cup. I said it once and I'll say it again; the Czec Republic got robbed. They should have won. England and Brazil should have been up there too. But they were all eliminated. So now, I'm kinda rooting for France (because my brother wants Italy to win). Then in 4 years, when the next World Cup is in South Africa, I'll have to take a trip back home and see the World Cup!

Edit -
The domain name now works! Tell your friends to go to africansk8er.com!
And Italy won in a penalty shootout.

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