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Damn All Trace Users

I've been playing a lot of Metroid Hunters lately. Mainly because Cameron just got the game and I gotta keep my ranking high. I played against him a couple of times, but smoked him each time. Anyway, you can see my ranking and other info on the newly installed Metroid Hunters License displayed in the right column of this page. I mostly use Sylux, because of his Alt form and the shockcoil. I'm starting to hate Trace because of his sniper gun and all the headshots he gets...

Every time I look at the DSLite, I want to have it. Right now I have the phat DS, the first version of it. While it's ok, the screen is pretty scratched up and is really uncomfortable to hold (especially when playing Metroid online). While I really want to get the DSLite, I want to wait for it to come out in black, because that looks so slick. Maybe it won't even come out in America, but I hope it does.

Anyway, as I was watching Rockstar Supernova last night, the last performance of the night was given to Storm. Now usually I wouldn't have cared about her, but I recognized the beginning of the song she was doing to be "Anything" by Lucky Boys Confusion. Of course, her version of the song wasn't as good as the original, but it was cool to hear a less-known song amidst songs by huge bands like Rolling Stones or REM. (I just found out that the song was originally done by Dramarama.)

Also, I was happy that George got the Veto last night on Big Brother, but I think that it won't help him. He'll get kicked out in the next round probably. I want Will to get kicked off, but Jase will probably be the one evicted.

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