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I Went Ice Skating, And Now My Leg Hurts

I went ice skating, and for some strange reason it was pretty empty (even though it was an extremely hot day). So I went and got owned by a little girl who could skate better than me. "Look at me! I can do twirls and flips and stuff!" Bah...

Then I went to Taco Bell. That stuff is so good. I will have to buy that company some day. Three tacos and a coke really hit the spot after falling on your ass all day.

Anyway, I signed onto AIM, and after a few minutes of no messages, I got a message from Brice saying -
"Have you heard Shatners cover of 'Common People'? It awsome wich is amasing because the last time he tried to make music he came off as an aragent ass."
That is one of the most random things I have ever gotten in an AIM message. Congrats...

Anyway, my latest "project" is pretty much done. I even have it on a host and everything. I even found a fairly decent email script too. It's all coming together. Also, I noticed my buddy Cameron got 2 postings on GoNintendo and got a bunch of diggs on a certain submittion of his. Whenever I submit something to Digg, I only get like 3 diggs. I'll put the links below -

Thanks man and it true. HA HA HA

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