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It's Over ... For Now

Well, I finally did it. I beat Zelda - Windwaker for the second time today. I love the way the final boss battle against Ganon plays out. If the next Zelda is half as good as Windwaker is, then it is sure to be a kickass game. Many people complained about the cartoony look of Windwaker, but I thought it made the game much more enjoyable and it looked good anyway. If you haven't given it a try yet, go out and get it. It's a great game.

Yesterday, we went to the Humane Society to check up on that cat. We had to drag my dad there; he really does not want a cat in the house. We went into a room to play with the cat, but it was so freaked out that it sat in the corner and shivered while we stroked it. The lady said it was having some breathing problems and was dehidrated. Hopefully it gets better soon. It's as cute as a button!

Watching Big Brother last night, I'm glad to see Allyson go. She thought that she was smart, but she's not. Next to go should be Daneille. As long as the target is not on Kasar, I'm happy!

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