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My Favorite Firefox Extensions

I'm a huge Firefox fan, and I recommend it to anyone. It is the best web browser ever. Anyway, I have some extensions that I like to use and really help and enhance my browsing experience. So here are the ones that I currently use and would recommend you use it too. Now and then I may update it with new extensions.
  • GMail Manager - Manage GMail Accounts from your status bar.
  • Colorzilla - Creates an eyedropper that you can use to find out colors.
  • Image Zoom - Lets you zoom in or out an image on the page.
  • Video Downloader - Creates a link to download a Youtube, Google Video, etc video.
  • Google Notebook - Lets you manage your Google Notebook from your status bar.
  • Del.Icio.Us Toolbar - Lets you tag pages for del.icio.us.
  • StumbleUpon Toolbar - Stumble Upon popular webpages.
  • Mouse Guestures - Use your mouse's guestures to refresh, go back, close tab, etc.
  • Viamatic foXpose - Lets you see a thumbnail of every open tab.
  • TabX - Puts the close button on each tab.
  • Menu Editor - Lets you edit the right-click menu.
  • Customize Google - Lets you customize Google search results.
  • Undo Close Tab - Accidently close a tab? Use this to reopen it.
  • Inform Enter - Use this to quickly fill in forms.
  • Organize Status Bar - Use this to organize the status bar.
  • BugMeNot - Use this to log into any site without registering.
  • Launchy - Gives you a choice to view the page in different programs (including IE).
  • Tab Preview - A really useful tool that gives you a preview thumbnail of a tab when you hover over it.
  • Adblock Plus - Helps you block any ads or unwanted images on a page.
  • Update Notifier - Tells you when a theme or extension has a new updated version.
  • Digg This - With the Digg This toolbar buttons you can quickly Digg the page you are viewing.
  • Webmail Compose - Make mailto: links go to selected email service.
  • Foxmarks - Syncronize bookmarks with any Firefox browser.
  • Truth - The slickest theme for Firefox ever.

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