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Over The Hedge

Yeah, I saw Over the Hedge. So what? It actually wasn't too bad. I had nothing better to do on a hot Friday. I thought that the CGI graphics were some of the best I have ever seen, and I left very impressed. So go see it and give it a try. It's actually a decent movie.

I was pretty happy to see Jase get evicted last night on Big Brother All Stars. Now if only Will were next... Also, Janelle got HOH, so I'm happy to see the Season6 alliance is the most powerful alliance in the house.

Also, you may have noticed the Firefox Extensions post that I posted a few days ago. I also submitted the post to www.digg.com. I posted this because I thought it would get me a ton of hits, and it did. A couple hundred people visited the site over these past couple of days, so that's pretty cool. Maybe I'll do it again...

Anyway, the latest "project" that I have been working on is going along so well. It's pretty near completion, and now all I really need is a good host (and maybe a better email form script). I'm also having some problems with a float script that is editting cookies in a way that I don't want it to. So I'll fix that sometime. Anyway, as you can probably tell, it's been a slow day...

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