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Some Relief

WTF? I woke up this morning and it wasn't 100 degrees outside like usual. It is actually pretty chilly. It probably won't last very long, but it's a nice change from the heat.

I've been doing some MySpace profile updates because the old look was boring and messy. So I made a few more images and changed the look around a bit. I like the way the contact box turned out. I also completely changed Aukwurd Silence's profile because their's just wasn't looking good period.

I've started work on a new web project that will be really useful during school time. I'm kinda hushhush on it right now, but I think it'll be cool. Maybe I'll get Cameron to give me a hand with this one...

DAMMIT!! Nikomis got voted out of Big Brother last night. I really didn't care if either her or Diane got kicked out, because Kaysar made a big mistake not putting ChillTown up for eviction. At least James is now HOH, and he will make a good decision. Also, I watched the new Dudeson's episode, and it was OK (I liked the summer job part). Also, while flipping through channels, I came across a local access channel. I watched it for a while because they showed a Lucky Boys Confusion concert, plus some other Omaha concerts. Then they played some ska and punk videos, like Goldfinger too. A local access channel does what MTV never could. Pretty cool.

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