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Uninstalling Firefox 2

As you may know, Mozilla released a new beta version of Firefox (the best web browser ever). It's called Firefox 2.0. Anyway, I downloaded it and installed it and found out that most of my extensions weren't compatible with it. So I thought, "What's the point of having 2.0 if I don't have my extensions?" So I uninstalled it. Big mistake. Once I had only 1.5 on my computer, the 2.0 version disabled all my extensions and themes. So I spent a good hour reinstalling all my extensions. But now it's back to normal!

I finally finished the Wind Temple in Zelda - Windwaker. DAMN I HATE THAT DUNGEON! It really got on my nerves and I'm glad that it's done. Now I have to find the 8 triforce pieces...
I also have been playing more Metriod Hunters online. I love you, Stylux and your shockcoil! Best weapon ever. I've also been playing the Sims 2 a lot and downloading extra content off the internet. Some people make some awesome meshes.

Also, when looking at the stats for people who view this page, I found out that some guys in Finland came across africansk8er.com because I mentioned the Dudesons in a previous entry (the Dudesons are from Finland). So welcome any foreign visitors!

damn you get a easy web site im confussed and sick of this its annoying me really bad

hey that was kevin cuz your shout box is f**ked up it wont let me say anything

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