Thursday, August 31, 2006

She Totally Digs You, Man

We had a pep rally yesterday. And that was a waste of an hour of my life. I sit there in the gym with 1500 people or more and watch people make fools of themselves. My asian friend, Justin, got to entire a dance competition, and he actually won. He's the blackest asian I know. It really did nothing to raise my school spirit; I honestly could care less about school sports. But I did learn one thing - no one likes a fat cheerleader.

We have this house in our neighborhood that got burned down a while ago. No one has bothered knocking it down and rebuilding it, until now. I was chilling at home when my mom pulled into the driveway and told me that they were crashing it down. So I quickly jumped into the car and we drove to the burned house. Most of it was knocked down, and they were mostly just crushing up the rubble and stuff. A small crowd had gathered around, and it was pretty cool to see a whole house go down in a few minutes.

Anyway, I found this mp3 of System of a Down doing a cover of Blink 182's "Dammit". Now, that may be Blink's best song, but System does a really good job with it. It may not be as good as the original, but it's pretty good. They slow it down a lot. So go download it somewhere (like Limewire or something), I think you'll like it.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Do I Know You From Somewhere?

Yeah, school has been boring, but did I expect anything else? Not really. The classes that I have are good, I have some good teachers, and some friends in some classes. So it's OK. The homework is a pain, though. Physics every day, with calc/trig and english on top. Better get back to work.

A couple of days ago, I had KBB, Pheonix and Gemini from ACFriends visit my ACWW town. They really liked it, especially my house. Which is pretty cool, because I spent some time on making it look good. They even talked about it over the last podcast, which was pretty cool. Anyway, they wanted me to order an Arwing for them, so I did and I'll give it to them next Sunday.

I'm really close to that 2 star ranking on Metroid Hunters (even though I haven't played it much). So maybe I should try to play that some... It's been kinda rainy here. I should go do some homework.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Snakes On An Assburger

Well, the first two days of school have gone by, and I don't really care that I'm back at school. It's kinda nice to have people to talk to, at least. I can't believe that I already have homework though. It's mostly easy physics stuff, so I'll finish it over the weekend. Anyway, Whit said that he would get purple hair with dreads, and he did. I honestly didn't think he would, but he actually did it. So, anyway, this year doesn't look too bad.

I heard that Nintendo will release the black DSLite in America in September. Now I have to get an extra $120 so I can get one. I will probably sell my old DS, but I want to keep the WiFi settings. The screen is really scratched anyway.

Anyway, you might not get the heading of this entry. This is where I got it from. We have this guy in our AP Phyics class who is really smart, but has a disorder called Asperger's Syndrome. Anyway, when the teacher was trying to explain it, I thought he had said "Assburger". So during gym class, me and Cameron and Greg spent a good hour coming up with some good assburger jokes. We were dying from laughter. So that was fun...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Plug Collector

Well, school starts tomorrow. Which is good and bad at the same time. I get to see some friends again, but A.P. Physics starts and that means lots of homework. Hopefully this year goes by as fast as the last one.

While at the King Science Center open house last night (my old school), I saw my favorite teacher ever: Ms. Navarro. She's this awesome Spanish teacher from Spain, and she was cool and fun and just the coolest person. Anyway, I got her email address, so I can keep in touch with her. Totally awesome. While I was there, I also found some of my other old teachers, but none of them are as cool as Ms. Navarro. Since I don't have anything else to say, I'll just post a nice picture of me and her.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Back From Kansas City

I'm back from Kansas City, and it's good to be back home. While in Kansas City, I got sunburned really bad and it kinda hurts. It's weird though, my fingertips got tanned but not the rest of my hands. Anyway, I tried to make a blog entry last night at the hotel, but that computer that they had for public access was the worst that I have ever used. And their WiFi sucked too (I couldn't connect with my DS). Anyway, that night we ate at this place called Gate's BBQ. I swear, I have never been to a place that makes a slab of 20 ribs in 3 minutes, but these guys did it. Crazy.

Anyway, my brother won his soccer tournament (the reason we went to Kansas City). I can't believe how crazy some of the parents on the sidelines get. They yell at the referee and each other. But they don't realize that they are arguing about some 11 year olds playing a game.

On the way there, we had to take some of my brother's teammates along with us. Luckily, they all had DS's, so we played multiplayer Mario Kart and actually used Picto-Chat. I even dusted off my old Nintendogs cartridge and let my dog meet new friends.

Last entry, I said my dad was trying to fix our old Windows 98 computer. I kinda knew it would fall apart, and it did. The computer seized up during the restore process and my dad turned it off. Now it doesn't read the hard drive. So we might just dump it instead of getting it fixed.

Friday, August 18, 2006

This Is Really Dangerous, But I Do Love Fig Newtons

I saw "Talladega Nights - The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" today. It was ok, but it wasn't spectacular or anything like that. It was somewhat funny, but I don't think that it is one of the best movies of the year. My mom almost died laughing at the part where he sticks the knife in his leg, and they try to pry it out with another knife. Anyway, I was pretty excited to see a trailer of "Tenacious D - Pick of Destiny" before the movie. I love the band, and the movie looks hilarious too.

Well, tomorrow I'm heading off to Kansas City for the weekend. Hopefully it isn't rainy or cold (like the last time I was there). My dad is trying to fix our old Windows 98 piece-of-junk computer that we don't use anymore. He wants to do a full system restore, but I don't think he realizes that you need a boot disk to do a Windows 98 restore. I better go help him...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Woo! Guess Who's Street Legal?

That's right. I passed. I only lost like 7 points, which may sound bad, but I lost them for stupid reasons (like not signalling while turning onto a oneway street, or not looking both ways at an intersection). I don't know why, but I felt really nervous. Overall, I thought I did well, and I passed. So once I turn 16, I get my license. Yay.

I was at Burger King today. I got my fries, but they weren't in an ordinary box. Oh no. They were in this round box, called a Fry-Pod. At first I thought this was stupid. But then I found out that it's shaped like that so that you can fit it in your cupholder. Awesome! Always thinking, those Burger King guys...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Chaser's War On Everything

I found this really awesome show called "The Chaser's War On Everything". It's a show from Australia, and it's almost the equivalent of the USA's Cobert Report, but less political. It's hiliarious. They do this funny stuff, and it's really hard to explain it. So you'll have to go watch it yourself. Just go to YouTube and search for "The Chaser" and you'll get a bunch of clips from the show. When I go to Australia, I'll definately have to check out this show. There's this one clip where he tries to hand out money on the street, but no one will take it. Good stuff...

Yesterday, for driver's education, I had to drive downtown. Everyone told me that it's a living hell driving down there. And they were right. One way streets and parallel parking. Totally sucks. Anyway, tomorrow, I have my driving test. My friend, Cory, has already taken it and he said it was pretty easy. So hopefully I pass.

I was playing some Animal Crossing again, and I decided to destroy the streets I had made on my town using patterns. It was getting really old to me, so I pulled it all up. I hope I don't regret doing that. I was supposed to cut the lawn today. But then it rained. Lucky me.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Mother of All Garage Sales

Well, today I got an email from Phoenix, who is a podcaster for ACFriends, (an awesome podcast, btw) and she said that she was going to start recording in about an hour. So I emailed her back and asked if she was going to be on ACWW WiFi while she was recording. She said that she would be, so I got online with my DS and spent a good hour in her town. She gave me a Tri-Force (which I had anyway), which I assume she gave me because of the awesome template I made for them. While I was in her town, Gemini and KBB (the other podcasters) also visited, so that was pretty cool.

Driver's education continued today. All I had to do was practice going on and off the interstate, which was pretty boring. I have the test on Thursday, so this boring class will soon be over. Yay.

Last night I had some delicious Taco Bell (again). I had just finished eating a huge box of Runts, then I drank a huge coke and three tacos. So I was feeling just a little sick. But it was worth it. So delicious...

Friday, August 11, 2006

Highways or Dieways

So, drivers education is not really exciting. I got to drive to Valley, a small town outside of Omaha, and sitting there for a hour driving gets really boring really fast. Next time, I should bring my GBA SP and Metroid so I won't have to be so bored. Today, some guy came in to talk about train crossings and what not to do at them. Then he showed a movie that recreates driving accidents and stuff. It was pretty boring, but the title was "Highways or Dieways" which I thought was funny.

I found a really good flash game called Stick Arena. I haven't had this much fun on a flash game for a long time. It's kinda like a 2D Counterstrike, and you play against people all over the world. It's tons of fun, so get an account today (it's really easy to set up an account). If you do, look me up. My SN's africansk8er, so maybe we could face off someday. Here's the link.

I got some Runts today. You know, those big boxes of candy from movie theaters. Anyway, they are really delicious. Also, I submitted a story to and I got 19 diggs! This may sound sad, but that's the most I've ever gotten. And I may get more! So help me out!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I Can't Think of a Witty Title Today

Well, I was right. The driving part of driver's education is a lot easier and less boring than sitting in a class and listening to someone talk for 5 hours. I drove pretty well, except that I failed the first test; I didn't tell the instructor to put his seatbelt on. He's supposed to be an expert with cars, and he forgets to put his own seatbelt on. Talk about unprofessional... Anyway, so while I was driving along, the old dude (my instructor) falls asleep! So I don't know where to drive to, so I kinda drove where ever I wanted. Once in a while, he woke up and said something about a Greek restaurant and fell back to sleep. Kinda wierd. So, I think I drove pretty well anyway.

I've been pretty bored lately, so I decided to check out some concerts that are coming to Omaha. I prefer ones at Sokol Underground; it's a lot more "underground". So I look through the list, and I found a band called The Advantage. They are the band that does Nintendo covers, only with guitars and drums and stuff. So I may go to that, but maybe not. Nothing else seems worth going to.

Also, I have been watching Big Brother All Stars, and I really hate Janelle. She makes the dumbassiest decisions ever. Now Kaysar has a good chance of going home thanks to that idiot. Someone needs to vote her out soon, like next week.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

This Will Be A Hella Long Post

OK, so I haven’t posted for a while. But I have a good reason. It’s a long story, so get comfortable.

So I was surfing through and I found a site that had a link to a patch that lets you run unsigned themes. I used to use WindowsBlinds and StyleXP, but my trial for those ran out, so I thought that I should download this patch. So I downloaded it, and ran it. It started screwing up my computer while installing, so being a dumbass, I clicked cancel. I got a bunch of errors, and panicking, I rebooted the computer. Then, I got even more errors and I couldn’t access any of my files. It kept telling me that it couldn’t find the uxtheme.dll (whatever that is). So I thought that I should call a couple of computer stores and see what I should do. Most of them said that I should backup my files and do a full system restore. So I asked how much it would cost. $100 was pretty much the average price. HOLY HELL! That is a lot of money, and would seriously cut into my Wii funds. But what choice did I have?

So, I want to a local company (DIT Computers) and told them to fix it for me. They charged me $50 to attempt to fix it, and if it doesn’t work, they would charge me extra for backing up files and restoring Windows. That sounded reasonable, so I left the computer with them. 5 days passed, and I still did not get my computer back. During those days, they were so busy that they hadn’t even looked at it yet. When they finally got to my computer, they took 5 minutes and it was fixed. Fifty bucks for five minutes! Damn.

So I got my computer back, but it was running really slow, so I decided I would do a full system restore myself. So I pulled out a DVD and backed up my files (mp3’s and movies and photo’s, etc). Then I put in the system restore disc and ran the restore. So now the computer is as good as new. Right now I’m reinstalling all my programs, but at least I can get back online. So that’s why I haven’t updated for a while.

Also, I turned my DS off while it was saving on Tony Hawk American Sk8land (a great game) and when I turned it back on, it said that my files were corrupt and that I would have to start a new game. I already had beaten the entire game, and now I have to do it again! So this hasn’t really been a good week. The only good thing that happened was I got to eat a delicious burger at King Kong. Woo…

Anyway, I made a template for a podcast’s MySpace account. It’s called ACFriends, and it’s about Animal Crossing Wild World for DS. I’ve been mentioned on their podcast like five times. Anyway, the template is fairly simple, but looks good.

Well, driving school has started, and so far it is really boring. The instructor just talks about signs and turns and stuff. Maybe the driving portion of the class will be more interesting. Anyway, I recognized a few people there, such as Cory, Skyler, and Alex to name a few. At least the weather is looking better. It isn’t really hot, but it rains a lot though. Well, that’s it for this week. Once I get my computer back to normal, I will probably update more often.