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Back From Kansas City

I'm back from Kansas City, and it's good to be back home. While in Kansas City, I got sunburned really bad and it kinda hurts. It's weird though, my fingertips got tanned but not the rest of my hands. Anyway, I tried to make a blog entry last night at the hotel, but that computer that they had for public access was the worst that I have ever used. And their WiFi sucked too (I couldn't connect with my DS). Anyway, that night we ate at this place called Gate's BBQ. I swear, I have never been to a place that makes a slab of 20 ribs in 3 minutes, but these guys did it. Crazy.

Anyway, my brother won his soccer tournament (the reason we went to Kansas City). I can't believe how crazy some of the parents on the sidelines get. They yell at the referee and each other. But they don't realize that they are arguing about some 11 year olds playing a game.

On the way there, we had to take some of my brother's teammates along with us. Luckily, they all had DS's, so we played multiplayer Mario Kart and actually used Picto-Chat. I even dusted off my old Nintendogs cartridge and let my dog meet new friends.

Last entry, I said my dad was trying to fix our old Windows 98 computer. I kinda knew it would fall apart, and it did. The computer seized up during the restore process and my dad turned it off. Now it doesn't read the hard drive. So we might just dump it instead of getting it fixed.

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