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The Chaser's War On Everything

I found this really awesome show called "The Chaser's War On Everything". It's a show from Australia, and it's almost the equivalent of the USA's Cobert Report, but less political. It's hiliarious. They do this funny stuff, and it's really hard to explain it. So you'll have to go watch it yourself. Just go to YouTube and search for "The Chaser" and you'll get a bunch of clips from the show. When I go to Australia, I'll definately have to check out this show. There's this one clip where he tries to hand out money on the street, but no one will take it. Good stuff...

Yesterday, for driver's education, I had to drive downtown. Everyone told me that it's a living hell driving down there. And they were right. One way streets and parallel parking. Totally sucks. Anyway, tomorrow, I have my driving test. My friend, Cory, has already taken it and he said it was pretty easy. So hopefully I pass.

I was playing some Animal Crossing again, and I decided to destroy the streets I had made on my town using patterns. It was getting really old to me, so I pulled it all up. I hope I don't regret doing that. I was supposed to cut the lawn today. But then it rained. Lucky me.

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