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Do I Know You From Somewhere?

Yeah, school has been boring, but did I expect anything else? Not really. The classes that I have are good, I have some good teachers, and some friends in some classes. So it's OK. The homework is a pain, though. Physics every day, with calc/trig and english on top. Better get back to work.

A couple of days ago, I had KBB, Pheonix and Gemini from ACFriends visit my ACWW town. They really liked it, especially my house. Which is pretty cool, because I spent some time on making it look good. They even talked about it over the last podcast, which was pretty cool. Anyway, they wanted me to order an Arwing for them, so I did and I'll give it to them next Sunday.

I'm really close to that 2 star ranking on Metroid Hunters (even though I haven't played it much). So maybe I should try to play that some... It's been kinda rainy here. I should go do some homework.

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