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Highways or Dieways

So, drivers education is not really exciting. I got to drive to Valley, a small town outside of Omaha, and sitting there for a hour driving gets really boring really fast. Next time, I should bring my GBA SP and Metroid so I won't have to be so bored. Today, some guy came in to talk about train crossings and what not to do at them. Then he showed a movie that recreates driving accidents and stuff. It was pretty boring, but the title was "Highways or Dieways" which I thought was funny.

I found a really good flash game called Stick Arena. I haven't had this much fun on a flash game for a long time. It's kinda like a 2D Counterstrike, and you play against people all over the world. It's tons of fun, so get an account today (it's really easy to set up an account). If you do, look me up. My SN's africansk8er, so maybe we could face off someday. Here's the link.

I got some Runts today. You know, those big boxes of candy from movie theaters. Anyway, they are really delicious. Also, I submitted a story to www.Digg.com and I got 19 diggs! This may sound sad, but that's the most I've ever gotten. And I may get more! So help me out!

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