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I Can't Think of a Witty Title Today

Well, I was right. The driving part of driver's education is a lot easier and less boring than sitting in a class and listening to someone talk for 5 hours. I drove pretty well, except that I failed the first test; I didn't tell the instructor to put his seatbelt on. He's supposed to be an expert with cars, and he forgets to put his own seatbelt on. Talk about unprofessional... Anyway, so while I was driving along, the old dude (my instructor) falls asleep! So I don't know where to drive to, so I kinda drove where ever I wanted. Once in a while, he woke up and said something about a Greek restaurant and fell back to sleep. Kinda wierd. So, I think I drove pretty well anyway.

I've been pretty bored lately, so I decided to check out some concerts that are coming to Omaha. I prefer ones at Sokol Underground; it's a lot more "underground". So I look through the list, and I found a band called The Advantage. They are the band that does Nintendo covers, only with guitars and drums and stuff. So I may go to that, but maybe not. Nothing else seems worth going to.

Also, I have been watching Big Brother All Stars, and I really hate Janelle. She makes the dumbassiest decisions ever. Now Kaysar has a good chance of going home thanks to that idiot. Someone needs to vote her out soon, like next week.

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