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The Mother of All Garage Sales

Well, today I got an email from Phoenix, who is a podcaster for ACFriends, (an awesome podcast, btw) and she said that she was going to start recording in about an hour. So I emailed her back and asked if she was going to be on ACWW WiFi while she was recording. She said that she would be, so I got online with my DS and spent a good hour in her town. She gave me a Tri-Force (which I had anyway), which I assume she gave me because of the awesome template I made for them. While I was in her town, Gemini and KBB (the other podcasters) also visited, so that was pretty cool.

Driver's education continued today. All I had to do was practice going on and off the interstate, which was pretty boring. I have the test on Thursday, so this boring class will soon be over. Yay.

Last night I had some delicious Taco Bell (again). I had just finished eating a huge box of Runts, then I drank a huge coke and three tacos. So I was feeling just a little sick. But it was worth it. So delicious...

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