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Snakes On An Assburger

Well, the first two days of school have gone by, and I don't really care that I'm back at school. It's kinda nice to have people to talk to, at least. I can't believe that I already have homework though. It's mostly easy physics stuff, so I'll finish it over the weekend. Anyway, Whit said that he would get purple hair with dreads, and he did. I honestly didn't think he would, but he actually did it. So, anyway, this year doesn't look too bad.

I heard that Nintendo will release the black DSLite in America in September. Now I have to get an extra $120 so I can get one. I will probably sell my old DS, but I want to keep the WiFi settings. The screen is really scratched anyway.

Anyway, you might not get the heading of this entry. This is where I got it from. We have this guy in our AP Phyics class who is really smart, but has a disorder called Asperger's Syndrome. Anyway, when the teacher was trying to explain it, I thought he had said "Assburger". So during gym class, me and Cameron and Greg spent a good hour coming up with some good assburger jokes. We were dying from laughter. So that was fun...

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