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This Will Be A Hella Long Post

OK, so I haven’t posted for a while. But I have a good reason. It’s a long story, so get comfortable.

So I was surfing through Digg.com and I found a site that had a link to a patch that lets you run unsigned themes. I used to use WindowsBlinds and StyleXP, but my trial for those ran out, so I thought that I should download this patch. So I downloaded it, and ran it. It started screwing up my computer while installing, so being a dumbass, I clicked cancel. I got a bunch of errors, and panicking, I rebooted the computer. Then, I got even more errors and I couldn’t access any of my files. It kept telling me that it couldn’t find the uxtheme.dll (whatever that is). So I thought that I should call a couple of computer stores and see what I should do. Most of them said that I should backup my files and do a full system restore. So I asked how much it would cost. $100 was pretty much the average price. HOLY HELL! That is a lot of money, and would seriously cut into my Wii funds. But what choice did I have?

So, I want to a local company (DIT Computers) and told them to fix it for me. They charged me $50 to attempt to fix it, and if it doesn’t work, they would charge me extra for backing up files and restoring Windows. That sounded reasonable, so I left the computer with them. 5 days passed, and I still did not get my computer back. During those days, they were so busy that they hadn’t even looked at it yet. When they finally got to my computer, they took 5 minutes and it was fixed. Fifty bucks for five minutes! Damn.

So I got my computer back, but it was running really slow, so I decided I would do a full system restore myself. So I pulled out a DVD and backed up my files (mp3’s and movies and photo’s, etc). Then I put in the system restore disc and ran the restore. So now the computer is as good as new. Right now I’m reinstalling all my programs, but at least I can get back online. So that’s why I haven’t updated for a while.

Also, I turned my DS off while it was saving on Tony Hawk American Sk8land (a great game) and when I turned it back on, it said that my files were corrupt and that I would have to start a new game. I already had beaten the entire game, and now I have to do it again! So this hasn’t really been a good week. The only good thing that happened was I got to eat a delicious burger at King Kong. Woo…

Anyway, I made a template for a podcast’s MySpace account. It’s called ACFriends, and it’s about Animal Crossing Wild World for DS. I’ve been mentioned on their podcast like five times. Anyway, the template is fairly simple, but looks good.

Well, driving school has started, and so far it is really boring. The instructor just talks about signs and turns and stuff. Maybe the driving portion of the class will be more interesting. Anyway, I recognized a few people there, such as Cory, Skyler, and Alex to name a few. At least the weather is looking better. It isn’t really hot, but it rains a lot though. Well, that’s it for this week. Once I get my computer back to normal, I will probably update more often.

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