Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Day in Hacker's Town

Today I got an invite from Hacker to visit his Animal Crossing town. Of course I accepted, this would be the easiest way to get a bunch of super rare items. As soon as I got there, the entire floor of his town was covered in items. First I grabbed a bunch of crowns and Mario items. Luckily, he had most of it organized so it was easy to find items. I also got some thrones, Metroids, golden tools, and many others. The WiFi kept freezing up, and I had to restart my DS a few times, and the lag was horrible, but it was all worth it. Hacker is one cool guy.

Other than that, it has been a pretty low key day. I did watch the Pink Panther again. I've pretty muched just sat around the house all day. But I did go out and skate for about 10 minutes.

1 day until my birthday/Trauma Center (can't wait to play it) day...

Friday, September 29, 2006

The Staff Has A Mortal Fear Of Lawyers

Well, the first issue of the Infendo newsletter is about to be released, and after Blake did some work with it, it looks really good. Here's a sneak peak - Issue 1. Hopefully the people like it and it remains a part of the website. I think it's a cool additional feature.

My parents are off to see Mulberry Lane at Sokol tonight. Mulberry Lane is some acoustic pop garbage that I would hate. But they got some free tickets, so they went. At least they got the new Pink Panther DVD for me to keep me preoccupied. Man, that is a great movie.

2 days until my birthday/Trauma Center day...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

FMA In The USA ... ?

Today I stayed after school to retake that Pre. Calc/Trig test. And this time, it was super easy. I finished it really fast, so I had to sit outside in the cold for an hour while waiting for my parents to come pick me up. Oh well, at least I'll get a better grade.

Well, the first newsletter on gets released tomorrow, and guess who gets to write it? That's right, me. I'm really excited to be part of the Infendo team. I've been compiling links and writing stuff so that hopefully tomorrow goes off without a hitch. I hope that it's a hit...

Also, 3 days until my birthday/Trauma Center day...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hello Ball

Who knew that golf in gym class could actually be fun? It was a lot more interesting than I thought it would be. We actually got to go outside to attempt to hit the ball. I was dying from laughter. Instead of golf balls flying through the air, you saw clumps of grass instead. It was great.

Anyway, I just found that Red Steel will be rated T. So I can pick it up at launch. WOO! That game looks like so much fun. I'm also going to get Zelda, and possibly Trauma Center (depending on how fun the DS version is). I need more money...

4 day until my birthday.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I Get To Use My Manly Chainsaw

Yeah, today wasn't as bad as yesterday. In AP Physics, we had a C-Day Schedule drill, which is practice for when some body comes to school with guns (which happens everyday, but they never get caught) and tries to pull a Colombine. Gave us some time to chill in the dark.

Today in English class was pretty much just chilling while listening to Slayer and Black Sabbath. The preps didn't like it though. Too bad for them.

I swear I saw the drummer for Criteria at Wendy's last night.

5 days until my birthday (AKA - Trauma Center Day).

Monday, September 25, 2006

Had A Bad Day...

Yeah, it's been a pretty bad day. First I had a test in Geography. That was actually OK, and I easily passed that one. It all went downhill after that. I had a test in AP Phyics next, and I completely bombed that one. It was mostly stuff that we have never done before. So I wasn't feeling too good right then. Then he handed back our labs. He took off 6 points because I shared my graph with the other people in my group. SIX F#&%ING POINTS!! Ridiculous...

Then I had Pre Calc/Trig. I didn't have to do anything in that class, because all the Juniors had to take a test. Anyway, before class ends, he hands back our quizes. 65%. DAMNATION!! Then he showed me my grade. It was low, so I won't post it here, in case my parents read this. Then we had to play golf in gym. BORING!!

So yeah, it's been a lousy day. Hopefully the week improves. 6 day until my birthday...
Also, I finally got that two stars on Metroid Prime Hunters. Woo!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sokol Underground Concert Photo

This is the best photo that Cameron got that night. Check out my Flickr for some more great photos.

I'm Tired, I Smell Like Smoke, But It Was Fun

Last night, Cory, Cameron and I went to see a local concert at Sokol Underground. Ladyfinger was playing, and Now, Archemides and Criteria were opening. It was a freakin' awesome concert. I'm smell really bad, I'm partially deaf, and I'm dead tired. But I had a good time. I was so close to the stage, that I couldn't really hear the vocals at all. But it was still great.

The best part was that I was front row. I was literally leaning against the stage. So I got a good view of the bands, and got the loudest sound. The only bad thing is that that's also where all the crazy/drunk/old dudes hang out and mosh. So you're getting bumped into a lot, and getting beer spilled all over you. This one guy had like 10 beers and you could tell that he was super wasted.

Also, this other guy kept running onto the stage and trying to stage dive. The only problem was that he always landed where there were no people. He literally dived head-first into the floor. And he did it 4 times. He was also pretty drunk.

I met this guy called Dave there (he's 28, I think). I was sitting on the stage, and he came and sat next to me. We talked a bit. He seemed to know a lot of the people in the band, and he introduced me to a lot of people. He and his friends kept offering me a drink, but I told them that I don't drink alcohol (I'm so responsible). He was pretty cool, but pretty drunk too.

Some guy thought that he would be smart and throw a beer bottle into the crowd while Ladyfinger was playing. It hit some dude in the head. So this other guy next to me got angry and started yelling/cursing at him. Then he got even more angry and jumped on the stage and walked up to the guy who threw the bottle like he was going to kick his ass. The band just ignored them and kept playing, but it was pretty funny.

Yeah, so it was fun. Cameron got some good photos, so hopefully he'll email them to me. Maybe I can get find some photos from the concert on Flikr or MySpace. Then I'll post some of them here. I'm going to go get some more sleep...

* EDIT * - 7:26 pm
Cameron emailed me some photos, so I uploaded them to my Flickr. Some are blurry, but some are pretty decent. Here's the link, hopefully I'll find somemore -

Monday, September 18, 2006


OK, so Chris Brown (some famous rapper) came to my school today. It gets worse. Everyone was thinking that he would preform. Nope. He just came into the gym to 2000 screaming girls, brought in some other singing group called Cherish, sat down and answered 3 questions, presented a check to the school, and almost sung a song. He was about to start singing when a bunch of people from the crowd rushed up at him, and the bodyguards got angry and made Chris Brown leave. So he was there for less than 10 minutes. Lame.

Anyway, so I have a small headache from all the screaming girls. Some had signs with their phone numbers on them. Anyway, my friend got a video of all the white people sitting around looking bored and all the black people going crazy. Hopefully he'll put it up on YouTube and then I'll post the link here.

Also, my friend Cory (the Sony Fanboy who hates Nintendo) has actually had a change of heart. He is now fully supporting the Wii and admitting that Sony sucks. He's even getting a Wii! The powers of Nintendo are great indeed.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Tell Me Baby, What's Your Story?

I got back from Lincoln, and I am really sunburnt. My whole face is red. I didn't think that I would need sunscreen, but I should have used some. So I'm feeling kinda miserable right now.

Well, my birthday is coming up. I was planning on getting one of those black DSLites, but I'm kinda low on money, and the Wii is about to be released. So that's where all my money is going. I'll just ask my parents to put some money in my account instead. Who knew that the launch would be so expensive? I plan on getting the Wii, two games (Zelda and Red Steel), a 2,000 WiiPoints card, and possibly a second controller. Which adds up to about $400. Not too expensive, but I need more money.

For my birthday, my parents are also going to pick up Trauma Center for DS for me. I've been meaning to play this one for a while. I found out that a store by me has a used copy on sale. Too bad they didn't have Pheonix Wright; I really need to try that game out. Also, I found out that the latest DS Download Stations will have a demo for Elite Beat Agents, which I am pretty excited about. I was just telling Cameron a day before that I wish that the new DS Download Demos would have a demo for Elite Beat Agents so that I could try it out. Lucky me!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Who Cares About Apple?

The Apple keynote was today, and I can honestly say that I don't care. I'm not really an Apple fan. But my friend Cory is. So, all day today he was getting excited about how they were going to announce the new touchscreen iPod and stuff. And then, once again Apple fails to show anything exciting. Sure, some stuff was ok, but pretty disappointing otherwise.

Anyway, I am on a roll at Digg. In the past 3 days, I have gotten two more front page stories. THREE DAYS! Pretty impressive. The funny thing is, I submitted both stories at the same time. And they're both videos. Of Jackass. Here are the links -
Today, in AP Physics class, Mr. Dappen (our crazy teacher) broke a cinderblock over his stomach. Again. Is there anything this guy can't do? Anyway, I'm thinking of redoing the layout of this site. So expect some changes soon.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Then I Realized That They Were on Concrete, And I Laughed Harder

I finally got front page on YES!! I found this video of a cheerleading stunt gone wrong, and thought it was kinda funny, so I submitted it. In 17 hours I have 850 diggs, and they just keep going up. I submitted it under Comedy, but some people didn't think it was funny. You should read some of the comments. Some found it really funny. Others thought it was messed up. Whatever. Here's the link -

YouTube - Cheerleader Stunt Gone Wrong

It's been really rainy, and I had to sit through it in Lincoln while watching a soccer game. I'm coming down with something, I've been feeling really sick, have a sore throat and a stuffy nose. Hopefully I get better soon. I better go finish my physics homework.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Take The Bitstring Down, Flip It, and Reverse It

School's been cool. But really boring at the same time. Not much happened this weekend, except that Steve Irwin died and I was really upset. I didn't even know the dude, but I really felt sad about it. Rest in peace, Steve.

I just finished reading a book. It's called Catch by Will Leitch. It was pretty good. I liked that it was written recently, so that a lot of recent stuff was in there. It even mentioned Turbonegro in there somewhere. I didn't really like the baseball bits in there, seeing as I'm not really a baseball fan. But other than that, it was really good, so good read it.

I was really angry that Will got voted out of Big Brother All Stars. I was rooting for him to win, and I thought that he played the game the best. I was angry at Janelle for voting him out, but I really should be angry at Erica (that stupid b****) for brainwashing her into doing it. Now I can only hope for Boogie to take the win, and avenge Will.