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I'm Tired, I Smell Like Smoke, But It Was Fun

Last night, Cory, Cameron and I went to see a local concert at Sokol Underground. Ladyfinger was playing, and Now, Archemides and Criteria were opening. It was a freakin' awesome concert. I'm smell really bad, I'm partially deaf, and I'm dead tired. But I had a good time. I was so close to the stage, that I couldn't really hear the vocals at all. But it was still great.

The best part was that I was front row. I was literally leaning against the stage. So I got a good view of the bands, and got the loudest sound. The only bad thing is that that's also where all the crazy/drunk/old dudes hang out and mosh. So you're getting bumped into a lot, and getting beer spilled all over you. This one guy had like 10 beers and you could tell that he was super wasted.

Also, this other guy kept running onto the stage and trying to stage dive. The only problem was that he always landed where there were no people. He literally dived head-first into the floor. And he did it 4 times. He was also pretty drunk.

I met this guy called Dave there (he's 28, I think). I was sitting on the stage, and he came and sat next to me. We talked a bit. He seemed to know a lot of the people in the band, and he introduced me to a lot of people. He and his friends kept offering me a drink, but I told them that I don't drink alcohol (I'm so responsible). He was pretty cool, but pretty drunk too.

Some guy thought that he would be smart and throw a beer bottle into the crowd while Ladyfinger was playing. It hit some dude in the head. So this other guy next to me got angry and started yelling/cursing at him. Then he got even more angry and jumped on the stage and walked up to the guy who threw the bottle like he was going to kick his ass. The band just ignored them and kept playing, but it was pretty funny.

Yeah, so it was fun. Cameron got some good photos, so hopefully he'll email them to me. Maybe I can get find some photos from the concert on Flikr or MySpace. Then I'll post some of them here. I'm going to go get some more sleep...

* EDIT * - 7:26 pm
Cameron emailed me some photos, so I uploaded them to my Flickr. Some are blurry, but some are pretty decent. Here's the link, hopefully I'll find somemore -

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