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Take The Bitstring Down, Flip It, and Reverse It

School's been cool. But really boring at the same time. Not much happened this weekend, except that Steve Irwin died and I was really upset. I didn't even know the dude, but I really felt sad about it. Rest in peace, Steve.

I just finished reading a book. It's called Catch by Will Leitch. It was pretty good. I liked that it was written recently, so that a lot of recent stuff was in there. It even mentioned Turbonegro in there somewhere. I didn't really like the baseball bits in there, seeing as I'm not really a baseball fan. But other than that, it was really good, so good read it.

I was really angry that Will got voted out of Big Brother All Stars. I was rooting for him to win, and I thought that he played the game the best. I was angry at Janelle for voting him out, but I really should be angry at Erica (that stupid b****) for brainwashing her into doing it. Now I can only hope for Boogie to take the win, and avenge Will.

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