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Tell Me Baby, What's Your Story?

I got back from Lincoln, and I am really sunburnt. My whole face is red. I didn't think that I would need sunscreen, but I should have used some. So I'm feeling kinda miserable right now.

Well, my birthday is coming up. I was planning on getting one of those black DSLites, but I'm kinda low on money, and the Wii is about to be released. So that's where all my money is going. I'll just ask my parents to put some money in my account instead. Who knew that the launch would be so expensive? I plan on getting the Wii, two games (Zelda and Red Steel), a 2,000 WiiPoints card, and possibly a second controller. Which adds up to about $400. Not too expensive, but I need more money.

For my birthday, my parents are also going to pick up Trauma Center for DS for me. I've been meaning to play this one for a while. I found out that a store by me has a used copy on sale. Too bad they didn't have Pheonix Wright; I really need to try that game out. Also, I found out that the latest DS Download Stations will have a demo for Elite Beat Agents, which I am pretty excited about. I was just telling Cameron a day before that I wish that the new DS Download Demos would have a demo for Elite Beat Agents so that I could try it out. Lucky me!

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