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Then I Realized That They Were on Concrete, And I Laughed Harder

I finally got front page on Digg.com. YES!! I found this video of a cheerleading stunt gone wrong, and thought it was kinda funny, so I submitted it. In 17 hours I have 850 diggs, and they just keep going up. I submitted it under Comedy, but some people didn't think it was funny. You should read some of the comments. Some found it really funny. Others thought it was messed up. Whatever. Here's the link -

YouTube - Cheerleader Stunt Gone Wrong

It's been really rainy, and I had to sit through it in Lincoln while watching a soccer game. I'm coming down with something, I've been feeling really sick, have a sore throat and a stuffy nose. Hopefully I get better soon. I better go finish my physics homework.

yea no1 at westfield thought it was funny....especially me....thats my homegirl u laughed at...dotn fuckin laugh at shit like that....it aint so funny wen that shit happens right in front of u....i saw that whole thing lets see u fall from bein thrown up in the air damn near 15-20 ft high and landing head and neck first and tell me if its funny or if it feels good

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