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OK, so Chris Brown (some famous rapper) came to my school today. It gets worse. Everyone was thinking that he would preform. Nope. He just came into the gym to 2000 screaming girls, brought in some other singing group called Cherish, sat down and answered 3 questions, presented a check to the school, and almost sung a song. He was about to start singing when a bunch of people from the crowd rushed up at him, and the bodyguards got angry and made Chris Brown leave. So he was there for less than 10 minutes. Lame.

Anyway, so I have a small headache from all the screaming girls. Some had signs with their phone numbers on them. Anyway, my friend got a video of all the white people sitting around looking bored and all the black people going crazy. Hopefully he'll put it up on YouTube and then I'll post the link here.

Also, my friend Cory (the Sony Fanboy who hates Nintendo) has actually had a change of heart. He is now fully supporting the Wii and admitting that Sony sucks. He's even getting a Wii! The powers of Nintendo are great indeed.

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