Monday, October 30, 2006

It's Like a Sort of Time Travel/Telepathy Relationship

Yeah, well nothing much has really happened this week. It's been pretty slow and boring. Hopefully it gets more exciting. I'm just wasting off the days until Wii day. Only 19 more days...

Well, tomorrow is Halloween. I'll probably only go out for a couple of hours just to get enough candy. I'll go to this company near me who gives out huge bags of candy, and I'll keep switching masks and going back for more. That way I can get a full night's worth of candy in less then half an hour.

My neighbor wants to take her baby around trick-and-treating and needs someone to hand out candy at her house, so I'll be there for an hour or so handing out candy. Then I may go out and get me some delicious candy. When I get back, I'll probably Wifi on ACWW with Pheonix and Gemini.
And wait for Mugglecast.
Because they delayed it.
I hate it when they do that.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

In Retrospect, That Really Sucked

Wow, another week and I have not updated in a while. I really need to get back into the habit of posting a couple of times a week.

I have been really busy lately. These are the things that I want to get done: make a new layout for my blog, make a new MySpace layout for both ACFriends and myself, and complete the ACFriends site. So far, the ACFriends site has been going really well, even though I have very little done. So far, all I really have done is the installation of CuteNews, got the domain name, and found a good IRC chat client. Plus I have a bunch of homework. So I need to get to work...

Yesterday, my brother had an indoor soccer game. I only tag along because I get free WiFi there, and I felt like playing some more Metroid on DS. I only played one game (even though I smoked the guy I was playing with). Then I proceeded to kick more ass at Tony Hawk. Maybe I should start playing more...

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Running Short On Options

Well, it has been a LONG time since I last posted. Let's see what has happened during this time -
  • Went to Springfield, Missouri and got tons of free pens from the hotel.
  • Didn't get my Wii preorder, but I did get preorders on games and controllers.
  • Got mentioned on Infendo podcast for my work on the newsletter (listen to the last 5 minutes).
  • Did the PSAT early this morning.
  • Discovered a great new game for PC (Frets on Fire).
  • Many other wonderful, exciting things.
So, anyways, I'm starting work on a new layout for the ACFriends podcast. I have it drawn up, but actually making it is another thing. It'll look good though. Also, you may have noticed that there is a grey bar at the top of this page. That's because I switched to Blogger Beta, and you can't turn it off. I have not been very impressed with Beta.

Well, that's about it for now. I'll update and stuff later.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fight the Power That Be

I'm going to be in Springfield Missouri for the weekend. I'm going to leave right after school, so I won't have to go to that boring Homecoming parade. Unfortunately, that means that I won't be able to get a Wii preorder. However, my dad is taking the day off, so I'll have him get one for me while he is out. That also means that he will get it earlier than I could have. So yay for me.

It is getting REALLY cold around here. I've been freezing cold this entire week. I've even been wearing sweaters and putting the electric blanket on my bed. I wish it would warm up...

I really need to get started on updating the look of this site. I'll do it soon, I hope. For now, I'm just getting pumped up for the Wii release.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

One Word - You Suck

It's been a while since I posted. A week, to be exact.

Anyway, me and Cory went off to the Swizzle Tree/Pre Halloween Partay on Friday night. It was a great show. Illuminati opened, and they were pretty good. Then Trippin Default played, and they were good too. Then a band called Amsterband played, and they sucked. They were kinda like a cheap preppy ripoff, and they even did this singing acappella thing. They really sucked. Then the Livingstons came on, and they kicked ass. Finally, Swizzletree got on, and they rocked the hell out of Sokol.

They were handing out free River Riot shirts too. I got a size small, so I can't wear it. Also, they had these 89.7 The River signs all over the walls, so I grabbed one, and it's hanging outside my room now. I even got Saarang from Swizzletree to sign a poster for me. So it was a good night.

Oh yeah, the singer from Trippin Default said he liked my face on stage.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

New Hotness - Stealing Stairwells

Well, my birthday pretty much kicked ass. I got a lot of money (more than I thought I would get). So now I have about $500, which is more than enough for my Wii and all the other stuff that I want to get with it. My brother gave me an awesome pirate set. And I finally got to play Trauma Center. To top it off, dinner at Famous Dave's. Freakin' awesome.

Trauma Center is a great game. I recommend anyone who has a DS to go get it (if you can find it). If you don't have a DS, then smack yourself and go out and get one. Anyway, I've been enjoying the game. It's really intense; I find myself sweating while playing. I also get some real bad finger cramps. But it's still fun. The bomb level was hard. And the plane level (operating with turbulence) was tough too. Right now I'm on Chp 3 - Lvl 5 (I think). Luckily I have no school tomorrow, so I can play it all day.

I saw School for Scoundrels yesterday. It was decent, but I didn't really like it too much. It got too chick-flicky for me when he's running through the airport in slow motion, with roses, with the emotional music in the background, trying to get to the girl. But they made up for it when they shocked Heder with 18,000 volts in the chest. That was funny.

Now I'm waiting for Mugglecast...