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It's Like a Sort of Time Travel/Telepathy Relationship

Yeah, well nothing much has really happened this week. It's been pretty slow and boring. Hopefully it gets more exciting. I'm just wasting off the days until Wii day. Only 19 more days...

Well, tomorrow is Halloween. I'll probably only go out for a couple of hours just to get enough candy. I'll go to this company near me who gives out huge bags of candy, and I'll keep switching masks and going back for more. That way I can get a full night's worth of candy in less then half an hour.

My neighbor wants to take her baby around trick-and-treating and needs someone to hand out candy at her house, so I'll be there for an hour or so handing out candy. Then I may go out and get me some delicious candy. When I get back, I'll probably Wifi on ACWW with Pheonix and Gemini.
And wait for Mugglecast.
Because they delayed it.
I hate it when they do that.

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