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One Word - You Suck

It's been a while since I posted. A week, to be exact.

Anyway, me and Cory went off to the Swizzle Tree/Pre Halloween Partay on Friday night. It was a great show. Illuminati opened, and they were pretty good. Then Trippin Default played, and they were good too. Then a band called Amsterband played, and they sucked. They were kinda like a cheap preppy ripoff, and they even did this singing acappella thing. They really sucked. Then the Livingstons came on, and they kicked ass. Finally, Swizzletree got on, and they rocked the hell out of Sokol.

They were handing out free River Riot shirts too. I got a size small, so I can't wear it. Also, they had these 89.7 The River signs all over the walls, so I grabbed one, and it's hanging outside my room now. I even got Saarang from Swizzletree to sign a poster for me. So it was a good night.

Oh yeah, the singer from Trippin Default said he liked my face on stage.

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