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I Should Go Back To Bed

I spent 14 hours in line at a Walmart with Cameron waiting for the Wii. I honestly didn't expect to wait that long. I thought that I would get there at like 7 pm and still be close to the front of the line. Good thing that I called in the morning. The person I talked to over the phone said that they already had about 10 people in line. So I quickly gathered my DS and got my dad to drive me there. I also called Cameron and told him to come down too. It was about 10 am.

I get there (at least they didn't make us wait outside) and right by the electronics isle is the line. There was only like 7 people there, so I was feeling pretty good. I grabbed a folding chair from the furniture department and settled myself for a long night. Cameron arrived soon after that. The line started to slowly grow. We tried to get some better chairs, but it turns out that the employees don't like it when you use stuff that you didn't pay for.

Got my dad to bring me down some Burger King around lunchtime. I also bought myself some Bottle Caps for a buck. So I was on a bit of a sugar high (my hand was shaking). I just pulled out my DS and even played some Mario Kart with the 15 other people there with DS's. Thank god for Suduko on Brain Age, that made the time go by a little faster. It was still really boring. Every now and then I got up and played the Guitar Hero II demo, or tried out the PS3 demo (it sucked).

People we knew came by sometimes. Some lady from Cameron's church came by, Cory even dropped by, and my dad came around a couple of times. I had given him my money because I was not about to stay in a Walmart for 14 hours with $400 on me. My mom even bought me and Cameron a bearclaw from Panera's. They wrote down our names so that they knew who was in line. When the 20th person came, they had to send the rest home. Finally, 10 pm came, and they handed out the tickets. I was number 7. Not bad, considering they only had 20 Wii's (they only had 8 PS3's).

At least now I didn't have to wait in line. But I had nothing else to do, so I sat back down to waste the time away. However, tons of people who didn't have tickets started to line up behind us. A bunch of people did that. We had to tell them to go home because unless they had a ticket, they weren't getting anything. A few decided to hang around though.

Finally, 12am came. They handed out the controllers and games first before the time came. Then they started to sell the Wii's. Everything went smoothly and I soon had my Wii. My dad escorted me to the car so that we could go get my games from EBGames. There were a few shady peoples hanging around, but I didn't get robbed or anything. I quickly ran into EBGames and got my controllers/games. It was really quiet there.

We drove home and straight away I had to test this thing out. Of course, my dad watched (he seemed really interested in it). We quickly had it up and running. Soon my dad and I were playing Wii Sports. He finally decided to go to bed, so I had a quick 30 minute session of Red Steel. The controls are kinda hard, but you get used to them quickly. Then I went to bed.

In the morning I played some more, and of course I have been playing a lot today. My brother really enjoys Wii Sports. And I will probably play even more. Good thing I have Thanksgiving week off, so I have even more time to play it. This is probably my longest post ever. I could do my spanish homework. Or I could go play Zelda. Tough choices...

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