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In Front Of a Live Studio Audience

Woo Thanksgiving weekend. No school, good food, and tons of time to play the Wii. I've have been playing tons of Zelda, and pretty much no Red Steel. My mom, who works with mentally/physically disabled people, had Cindy, one of her clients, come over. Cindy is wheelchair bound, so she couldn't get around our house much. But I brought up the Wii, and pretty soon everyone was playing Wii Sports. Cindy was really enjoying it. So I believe that Nintendo really can attract these non-gamers.

My dad and I went to go see the new James Bond movie - Casino Royale. It was OK, but it didn't seem like a James Bond movie to me. The new guy just isn't smooth enough. But the opening chase scene kicked ass.

My mom is out there this morning on Black Friday on the hunt for some good deals. Too early for me. I should get started on some of my homework too. Or I'll just go play some more Zelda. I think I'll play the Zelda...

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