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Kansas Outlaws Practice Of Evolution

Damnation, it is getting cold. I woke up to 18 degrees F outside this morning. And it still hasn't snowed. How disappointing.

We had a pep rally today at school. What a waste of an hour. I could have been learning. Instead, I have to sit there watch stuff that I could care less about. Basketball, football, rap, WHO GIVES A S***?! Not me. I'll have to skip it next time.

Tons of people have been coming over to play my Wii. Who knew it could be so popular? I haven't played as much Zelda as I want to, I'm still pretty early in the game. Hopefully I'll get some play time in tonight. I gotta get me a microphone too. Gemini from ACFriends wants me to be on the podcast soon.

Stupid physics test...

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