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Man Throws Rock, Hilarity Ensues

Well, what can I say... Only a couple of days until the Wii comes out. I'm planning to camp out at a local EBGames on that night to see if I can get one. If not, I'll just walk across the street to Walmart and pick one up there. Mr. Cameron and Mr. Cory will be joining me on my quest. Hopefully it won't be too cold that night.

I've finally started working on that crazy ACFriends layout, but next week I have a couple of days off, so I'll probably get it done. It's looking pretty good so far. I have this dark grey/green theme going.

I have a big physics test on Monday, so I should probably study. Or I'll just go out and rent Bully...

i don't know if that could be considered a "test"... more like a nuclear war drill...

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