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That Cake You Made Really Sucked, But I Ate It

I had a test in my pre calculus/trig class. It was about graphing cosines and tangents and whatnot. Needless to say, I didn't really know how to do any of it. I had my notes open and my book with me (my teacher never notices) but that didn't help. I got most of it done, but I have never had such a strong will to stop time...

At the bowling alley today, I finally won a few games. I even got a turkey. Well, technically I didn't because one of them was a spare, but the computer got messed up and read it as a strike. Anyways, Cameron had to knock down two pins, but he was messing around, so he rolled it between his legs while backwards. And he actually hit them. I thought that was pretty funny until this happened:

Cameron got a strike, but forgot about it and accidently bowled during one of my frames. So it was only fair that I got to bowl one of his frame, right? So I rolled it right in the gutter, of course. But he thought he would be smart and roll a ball down right after me. That ball got stuck, so the guy had to come down to fix it. He also rolled it down the gutter, so that Cameron got 0 points for that frame. He was way in the lead, but then it was my turn and I ended up winning. It was freaking hilarious. It may sound complicated, but it was funny. You had to have been there.

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