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Subdomain Manager

I signed up for the alpha testing of this game called Voyage Century, which is some online pirate game. So of course I'm interested. They had really limited reservations, so I was lucky to get accepted. It's downloading right now, and it looks like it'll take a while to finish. But I think that it looks like fun.

I'm starting a new project called North Games. It'll be a flash game site that people at my school can go to. I'll also have a Game of the Week and other random stuff like that. Whit gave me the idea yesterday, and I think that it'll be tons o' fun. I'm currently testing out hosts right now.

During gym class, they had the bleachers out because they were getting ready for some big basketball game tonight that I don't care about. Anyways, it turns out that you can get a lot of static electricity from that thing, so we were shuffling around trying to shock each other. It was cool because you could put your finger up to something metal and you could see the electricity flowing. It was awesome. After a while, that got really boring, so we just sat down and watched the Tetris master, Cameron, play Tetris on his phone for an hour. He didn't even die once during that hour, he kept playing the same game. That's why he's the Tetris master.

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