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That Is One Fine Piece of Footwear

Another year, almost gone. Personally, I don't really care a whole lot about whether a new year comes or goes. Either way, I'll be going to bed way before midnight, and I won't really care otherwise. It's a new year people, not anything worth a freaking celebration. Damn.

So I got a good haul on Christmas. Got this awesome Wii-Reggie shirt, plus some DVD's and stuff. A pretty good day I guess. Anyways, Cindy came over, and we played Wii Bowling pretty much all day. We did eventually stop when we played SceneIt. Then we went to the movies, and I saw Eragon. That movie sucked. A lot. Don't waste your money on it. Seriously.

Oh yeah, I finally beat Zelda Twilight Princess. I still prefer Windwaker, but this game wasn't too bad. I was very impressed with it, and I really enjoyed the final battle. Still have one week of no school, and I have done absolutely no homework. But I have plenty of time to do it. At least it's finally snowed...

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