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You Can See Where This Is Going

OK, so Sony sends me a game called Rogue Galaxy. Which is pretty cool because it's not even supposed to be released until January. However, the game probably is really bad. At least it came with a pirate flag. But wait, the flag is way too small! And it also had a stupid PSP ad thing. You may think this is cool, but if you're going to send me free stuff, at least send me something decent.

I've been playing a lot of Red Steel lately. I don't know why it got such bad reviews, the game is freaking awesome! I mean, sure, the multiplayer is terrible. But the story mode is tons of fun. I'm having a blast with that game.

I'm trying to win this awesome shirt of Reggie holding the Wii off Ebay. I'm hoping to get it before Christmas. Ms. K in physics bought a bunch of donuts to class today. Which wasn't as good as the Taco Bell we had yesterday. But whatever. My mom has to go to Hyvee to get some spaghetti.

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