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I'm Comfortable With it Because I'm Uncommonly Photogenic

Been playing a bunch of games lately. First, I've been playing a lot of Warrock. Finally got level 4, and the guys there were nice enough to give me a free gun because I was in the beta test. Also, I got some progress made in Trauma Center. I was stuck on the Infection level, but I finally got past that. Now I'm stuck on the 3rd Sinner :-(. Finally, I got caught up on Sam and Max. I can't wait for the 4th episode, which comes out early March. I just wish they lasted longer, they're pretty good.

I've been trying to get through on the phonelines to American Idol. I hadn't made it through once, until last night. First try, I made it through. I voted for Lakisha Jones. She's probably the best female singer, but I'm still rooting for Chris Slight.

My brother got a new haircut, and he hates it and all he does is complain and cry about it now. Thank god tomorrow's Friday...

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