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Mega64 Gets Ripped Off And I Have Something To Say About It

OK, have you heard of Mega64? They're this group of people who do skits based on videogames, sorta like Jackass. Maybe you don't recognize the name, but I know you have seen their videos. Sometimes they release some of their skits onto YouTube. Recently, they shot a video of them running around as Mario and Luigi and then they come across Miyamoto. It was pretty popular a few days back, so you probably saw it.

Anyways, they had a skit a while back that also got pretty popular, so you might have seen it too. Basically, they had a guy put on a Tetris piece outfit and had him run around and do stuff. It's pretty funny, and also the topic of this article.

I think you will agree that it's pretty funny. A piece of art, almost. Anyways, I will now refer you to a video that recently got featured on Myspace recently (so it must be good). Before I show it to you, allow me to give you a little background on it. This video was uploaded by a guy named Sean who uploaded this video to Myspace on March 16, 2007. It was shot at a mall in Broomfield, CO. It got featured by Myspace and was brought to the attention of the guys at Mega64. Here's the video, watch for any slight similarities -

Wow. Totally original. Pretty impressive in fact. Anyways, I think that it's fairly obvious that these videos are pretty much the same. But Mega64's one came first, by a long time.

The guys who made this second video claimed that they never had seen or heard Mega64's video before making their video (I base this off the information I heard on Mega64's latest podcast, where they discuss this). Recently they did put a mention of Mega64 in their description, but they still did rip off the same idea. I mean, they even used the same Tetris block!!

The thing is that the video isn't even that good. It's shot poorly, they pull it off lamely, and when the police asks him to leave, he pussies out and walks off. The Mega64 video is obviously superior.

Anyways, so the guys at the Mega64 forums tried to email the guy and to get his side of the story. Sure, some of the emails may not have been too nice, but some were polite enough. Want to know what the guy sent back? A goatse. And he did that to multiple people. I mean, what a dick. They're just trying to get some info, and the guy acts like an ass to them.

So people have of course recognized this video and have posted on the video's comments that they ripped off Mega64. So the guy disables the comments on his video so that he doesn't get them anymore. He knows that he's been caught in the act.

Rocco, the "founder" of Mega64 has mentioned this on his podcast and on the forums, and he is obviously very angry that these guys totally ripped him off. Read more about it here.

So anyways, as you can tell, I don't like when people totally rip off other people's stuff. It's not right. So have you learned something today? Don't rip off people's ideas and don't be a dick when you get caught. That concludes today's lesson.

Also, if the creators of either of the videos has something to say, leave me a nice polite email telling your side of the story and I'll post it here.