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Take It On The Run

So Whit and I are starting a band. There are not enough ska bands here in Omaha, so we're taking it into our own hands. Whit can play the bass, and we're pretty sure we've got a drummer. Only problem is that I can't play any instrument. So I've gotta learn how to play either a trumpet or a guitar. So I've got some work coming up. But we think it'll be awesome.

So, Chaser's War on Everything is coming back this week. Thank god too, I love that show. Australians are great. Hopefully that means they're continuing with the download thing. Otherwise I'd have to torrent it or something and that'd be annoying.

Still need to play some more Zelda Ocarina of Time. And I probably have some Physics homework to do. It's really rainy today, so it looks like I'll have tons of time to do that.

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