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Aight, So Check It Out

Been making some changes to the blog. You may notice that I've switched some stuff around on the side bar, and deleted some other things. I'll be adding and changing some stuff, mostly the images, later on. I don't have school on Friday, so maybe I'll do it then. I'm really pleased about how my blogs turned out so far, and it can only get better.

So the Anti Emo League, going so nicely. Got some more content out, but I have a lot more to do before I feel it's ready to be released. It's looking good so far though, so I doubt I have anything to worry about.

Just having a really laid-back week this week. Nothing too exciting is happening. Of course, I'm waiting for my Mega64 season 2 dvd to ship, but that may be a while. Time to go down and watch American Idol. It's such a pleasant night.

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