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Kids These Days...

Time for the weekend. Probably the best time of the week. Time to relax and try not to get too much done. My parents get to go to the Billy Joel concert tomorrow, lucky them. I'll just have to chill at home and watch Shaun of the Dead. Still need to watch Hot Fuzz.

We had some astronaut come to our school to talk to us. Apparently, he was the first black guy in space. Anyways, at the end, he asked if anyone had any questions for him. Some chick in the back stood up and asked, "How many planets have you been on?" I kid you not. That's a perfect representation of my school.

We had a food day in Physics class. Our teacher told us yesterday that he was going to be gone, so I got a phone call late last night from Rahul, saying to bring some food so we can party while the teacher was gone. I brought some Hershey's Kissables. It was pretty fun, the sub didn't seem to care, and a few teachers that stopped in didn't seem to mind either. So I guess we might just get away with it.

Getting super psyched to go to South Africa this summer. The days keep getting shorter and pretty soon I'll be on the plane there. Then after that, Harry Potter 7. Can't wait!

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