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Just You And Me

Today, me, Whit, and Steven filmed a video for my English class. We filmed about 6 minutes of footage that we will actually use. But we also got 20 minutes of random footage that we plan to use for other things. Overall it was a freaking lot of fun. I get stuck with the job of editing, so hopefully I don't screw it up. But I have a vision, see? It'll work out.

So I'm looking online to see what's up with the area where I might possibly be moving (hopefully not). Here's a quick run down -
  • It has like 2 highschools
  • Everyone who goes to said school are wiggers
  • 1 Skatepark - that's it!
  • It's a tiny town with like 5 people.
So as you can see, I really don't like the place and I haven't even been there. But this Monday I will be driving down there to check the scene.

I ordered one of those new Mega64 shirts. Hope it comes soon. The weather continues to get better. My favorite jeans have a nice big hole that I need to fix. Mom didn't like my gangsta photo cd prank. Oh well, I liked it. Bad timing though. That was vague enough for you to have no idea what I'm talking about.

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