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Two New Videos!

Reason For Suspension

This is the newest movie that I have put together. It is pretty much the behind-the-scenes clips of my previous movie, Space Jam 2: Five Star Advance. It also has some random clips thrown in just for the heck of it. Enjoy!

Last Day of School - The Red Carpet

Whit, Cameron, Brice and myself were hanging out in the engineering room on the last day of school. There were 3 minutes left to go until school got out. We spotted this huge roll of red paper and decided that we had to steal it. But then I thought that we should roll it down the front stairs as we got out so that we could walk on it like a red carpet and leave in style.

So Whit and I carried the roll to the main doors once school got out. The administrators were all outside because they knew something like this would happen. Anyways, we place the roll on the ground and rolled it down the stairs. With Cameron taping the whole thing, Brice and many others proceeded to walk down the carpet. It stopped right at the door of one of the buses. Once we had ran away, the administrators hurried to pick it all up. Good last-day-of-school-spontaneous prank, eh?

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