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Why Would You Do That?

So, summer has started and not much has happened. Until my trip to Africa, I expect things to be pretty slow around here. That's ok because I need some down time to just relax at home. Nothing better than playing Wii, drinking coke, and getting plenty of sleep.

I've got a great idea for a new site that I plan on starting. This one will be a bit more major for me. A lot more ambitious (I couldn't think of the word for a second there...). I don't know how popular it will get, but I have my hopes. I also need a name for it. I'll probably get some friends to help me out with it, nothing better than some good old fashioned teamwork, am I right?

I got my bio up on Infendo.com. It's a lot harder to write one of those than you think. You can't sound like an ass or be too braggy. It has to be just right. I think I wrote mine just fine. It's pretty sunny here, but the temperature is low. It's the humidity that's killing me. And the allergies don't help either.

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