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As A Legitamite Art Form

So I finally picked up Pokemon Diamond, because I've been meaning to get it for a while. I'm not a fan of the series, but the games are pretty good. Plus they're really addictive. So far I've been impressed. It seems a little sluggish compared to the others, but it still retains the charm of the older games. The graphics upgrade is also pretty good too. I hope it lasts long enough for my flight. (Also, I'm going to start adding images to my posts, to liven things up, you know.)

Even though I'm leaving in almost 6 days, I haven't really done any packing or anything. You would think that I would have done something; I'll be away for like a month. I should probably get started on that.

This summer has been pretty boring so far. Hopefully it gets better. After all, I've got an awesome concert and a trip to look forward to.

You finally drank the Kool-Aid, huh?

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