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Do You Do You Dig Destruction

Only 2 weeks until I'm off to South Africa. The time is going by so fast. I bet these next few weeks will go by even faster. I can't wait to be there. It's going to be so awesome to be back. I've been waiting for this trip for a long time.

So I was at the local Border's because I wanted to get Fast Food Nation to read on my flight. Anyways, at the checkout line, they had these awesome gift cards that had holographic images of the cover of the seventh Harry Potter book. I stood there for like 10 minutes just staring at it because it was so trippy. Then the old lady who was at the checkout line, after watching me for a while, asked me, "Are you high?". So I quickly paid and hurried off. That made me laugh.

So I'm listening to the new Turbonegro album (Retox). It's pretty good so far, pretty much what I would expect from Turbonegro. What I have been listening to a lot of is Charge!! by the Aquabats. It's just an amazing album; I like every single song on that album and that doesn't happen a lot.

It's looking like another good day here. A little breezy but that's ok. I'll go out there and skate in a bit. For now I'll just chill in the house, watch some tv and eat some good food or something. Yeah.

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