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The Action Center

So the first week of school is over (even though it was only 2 days). It wasn't too bad, it didn't even feel like I ever took a three month vacation. Most of my classes are cool, I have peoples that I know in most of them (except for AP Calc, which is full of preps). So this year looks like it's going to get along pretty good I guess.

I had to get a graphing calculator for my AP Calc class. So after some research, it looked like the TI 84 Plus Silver was the way to go because you can upload tons of awesome games to it. So we took a trip to the local Office Depot to pick one up. Brought it home (all excited that soon I will be able to play Pong in math class), installed the software, hooked it up, and spent a couple hours trying to get the games onto the calculator. I still haven't gotten a single program to transfer onto it properly and then run. But I'll figure it out. Eventually. I hope.

So recently I've been playing a bunch of Advance Wars Duel Strike. It's really fun and addictive. A fantastic deal, seeing as it only cost me $2.49 (see last post). Also, I've sorta been playing Super Metroid, but not that much. School gets back into full swing tomorrow, so I better get all that homework that they gave me done.

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