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Let Me Tell You How I Got A DS Game for Only $2.49

Let me tell you about this awesome deal that I got yesterday. My mom and I drove down to the local Shopko to buy some school supplies since I go back to school tomorrow. So after looking around the school stuff, I tell my mom that I'm heading off to the video game section and that she could meet me there in about 10 minutes. So off I go.

I peruse through the games (which Shopko always overprices). I find some interesting stuff; they had this Wiimote charger which I have been considering buying and some other games. Then I continue on to the DS section. As I look through all the games, one of them catches my eye. Advance Wars Duel Strike.

Now, normally I wouldn't have even looked at the game. I have played the Gameboy version, and it was fun but I really didn't get into it. What caught my eye was the price of the game. The price tag said $2.49. That's right. Now normally you would never find anything that cheap in a Shopko. NEVER. So I realized that it must have been a mistake, but just in case, I took it off the shelf to hold. It was the last one, so I had to grab it so no one else took it. When my mom came back, I asked her if she thought the price was real. She suggested I go scan it at one of those scan-for-price things at the end of the aisles. So I find one, scan the game, and it tell me that indeed it costs $2.49.

So I'm thinking that who ever put this on the shelves accidentally forgot the extra 9 at the end. It should have been $24.99, but since the 9 was left off, it was only $2.49. A mistake that would save me over 20 bucks. So of course I took it; if I really enjoyed the game, then I scored, if I didn't like it, I sell it to EBGames for some cash. Win-win situation. So we check out, and end up paying only $2.49 for this game.

The reciept showing the price of the game.
(credit card info blacked out)

The game and the receipt.

The checkout lady didn't even question that she was selling this game for such a low price. She just scanned it and let us go. No price check or anything. So here I am with a game that I got for next to nothing. It was like legally stealing this game, that's how little it cost. And best of all, it's a really good game. I've been playing it non-stop since I got it, and am addicted to it. The only thing better than getting a cheap game is getting a cheap game that rocks.

So yeah, that's my little story of how I got a great game for only $2.49. I doubt any other stores made this mistake, so I wouldn't waste my time rushing to Shopko to see if they did. I just got really freaking lucky. I'm going to go play it some more and try to enjoy my last day of summer vacation.

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