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So That's What Happened

So there's been a lot of news this week. The biggest was probably the news about the new iPods. I'm usually not too interested in Apple products, but I really need an mp3 player, so for my birthday I'm going to try get one of the new Nano's. The better battery life, new size, and video capabilities are looking somewhat attractive to me, so I'll probably get one of those. Also, the Chaser's War on Everything started the rest of their season yesterday (I'm downloading the new episode as I type this). However, probably the most disappointing news is that Nintendo's saying that they have canceled Metroid Dread. I was really looking forward to that game; I like the 2D Metroids better than the 3D ones.

So my magical new graphing calculator was not working too well on my computer, so I contacted their tech support to ask how to fix it. One week later, and they have shipped me a brand new one at no cost to me. I'm pretty happy with that customer service, you don't usually get decent service these days. Hopefully I can get Tetris working on this one...

So school still sucks. My chemistry teacher is my least favorite, but my World History teacher is pretty awesome. And the engineering guy is really wierd. Don't worry, Project LPJ is still underway, but it'll take a while to get done. Can't wait until October 8th, that's when Whit gets to drive me to Lincoln to see Bomb the Music Industry! Yeah, that's right, I'm going to their concert. And it will be awesome. Yeah.

(I just realized that the last paragraph is kinda lame and badly written. Sorry.)

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